Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rain Barrel Idea

Good morning!

I was scrolling through my Facebook activity this morning, and came across an article shared by friends. It shows detailed instructions on how to make rain barrels and I thought it was the perfect match for my blog. Gardening season is just starting in my area, so now is the perfect time to get the barrels set up. For those of you who are well into you gardening season, it isn't too late.

Rain water is the best water for the garden; it doesn't contain chlorine (municipal) or salt from water softeners (rural) and is the best temperature as well. Tap water is far too cold for plants to thrive. By following the instructions in the link provided, you can quickly have one or more barrels to collect water for your garden. I also like the barrel setup (a barrel at one end of every raised bed) in the post as well; one I am seriously going to try to follow either this year or next.

Happy gardening!



  1. I have two rain barrels set up to catch water from the house roof. I have to carry it with a watering container to the flower beds but prefer that to city tap water.


    1. I have three set up, and I too carry it to the garden beds. I agree it is much better than tap water, be it city or well water. After our snow last night the barrels are full; will be nice when I can actually water the garden (have to plant it first). Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Happy gardening!