Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Squirrel Stash

Good morning!

For those of you who belong to my group on Facebook you may have already heard about where our squirrel stashed his food for the winter. For those of you who aren't, keep reading. :)

The garden shed gets opened regularly through the spring, summer and fall, but throughout the winter it usually stays closed. This past winter was no exception. Yesterday I decided would be a good day to open it up and get out the watering can and some flower pots. Wow, was I in for a big surprise when I opened the door!

Our squirrel had been very busy! I do have to say he was well stocked and was in no danger whatsoever of going hungry. Today he is going to be quite upset with me, as I will be cleaning the shed. I will have to empty the pine cones and crab apples out of my watering can before I can even use it. It's nice to know he had a comfortable place to spend the winter. :)

As I was giggling to myself and taking pictures I couldn't help but marvel at just how much he had stockpiled. I am sure he has enough in there to last another winter. I'm not sure if he did any other damage to the contents of the shed; I can't really tell for all the pine cones and mess. He did make a nice little hole in the bottom of the door, which was one of his access points. His other entryway is in the corner, where the metal is separated (kicked by a horse last winter). I'm glad he was able to utilize my shed, but did he have to make such a mess? Hmmm...I wonder - do you think if I left a broom and dustpan he'd clean it up?

My question for today - have you ever had a surprise such as this one when you started your spring yard cleanup?

Happy gardening!


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