Thursday, 10 May 2012

Educational Supper

Today was a busy day. I had an appointment in the city, which is always a tiring trip at the best of times. It was also an educational trip, and I learned a little more about gardening than I already knew.

We were having supper at Moxie's by Kingsway Garden Mall and I overheard a lady at the next table talking to her friends about gardening. This is what I learned:
  1. There are two types of ladybugs - good and bad. The red ones are good and will eat the aphids; the orange ones will eat your plants.
  2. Marigolds are great for keeping nuisance bugs away from your garden, such as aphids and mosquitoes. They do attract the pollinators, such as bees. I knew about the mosquitoes, but didn't know they kept aphids at bay as well.
  3. Garlic is also an excellent aphid deterrent - plant it among your rose bushes and your roses will be aphid free. The bonus is you harvest the garlic in the fall and use it in your kitchen. In my opinion, it also works well to keep flu bugs away.
I wanted to share this little tidbit of information with you; it just goes to show one never knows who they will learn something from in a day. I didn't speak to the lady at all, but I would like to thank her here on my blog. I may never see her again, and she may never read this - but if she does, she will hopefully be honored.

Until next time, happy gardening!


p.s. The next post will be longer and filled with more information; I wanted to share before I went to bed and forgot what I heard her say. It is information all gardeners will benefit from at one point or another.


  1. I knew about the marigolds, but not ladybugs and the garlic. Good to know! Thanks for sharing Diane!

  2. You're welcome Fran. :) I plant marigolds in each of my raised garden beds; it helps with keeping mosquitoes away while I weed. Plus they are good to eat as well, so planting several not only adds color and pest control, it also adds salad variety. Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a great day!