Monday, 14 May 2012

New Garden Ornaments

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was doubly blessed yesterday, as it was my birthday and Mother's Day all rolled into one. My daughter made breakfast, then we went to our niece's dance recital in the afternoon. Supper was spent with the in-laws, which is always a good time.

My older sister gave me a couple of neat things for my garden: one is a solar powered butterfly ornament (sun powers a little motor which turns and spins the butterfly) and a bird feeder. She also gave me some Citronella bracelets, which are supposed to ward off mosquitoes - I sure hope they work.

My younger sister gave me a cookbook called "The Big Book of World Tapas - 365 Delicious Light Bites for all Occasions". I will be trying several of the recipes soon I'm sure. I will be able to use some fresh produce from my garden for many of the recipes, but it will have to wait until my garden grows.

Today I will be planting my multiplier onions. I am also going to plant peas today, as they are a favorite in our house. Our favorites are the Sugar Snaps, but the Homesteader are good as well - just a little more work to eat them. Perhaps some lettuce and Swiss Chard will be going in as well.

I was very pleased yesterday to see my Bleeding Heart survived the winter. I was afraid it had winter-killed due to lack of snow, but when I went out yesterday I noticed the shoots coming through the soil. I think the Bleeding Heart is one of my favorites as far as perennials go. What is your favorite?

We stopped at one greenhouse yesterday as well and my son bought me a hanging basket filled with strawberry plants. I have the perfect spot for it - right outside the door. I have a plant hanger that attaches to the deck railing and will hang the planter there. I could have spent much longer in the greenhouse but we were pressed for time. There is a new one in our area that opened last year; one I didn't get a chance to go to. I will be visiting it sometime this week, once I decide on which bedding plants I want.

I will take my camera out to my garden and take some pictures of my butterfly ornament and bird feeder. I will be posting them either later today or tomorrow.

Happy gardening!


  1. Hi Diane,

    I'm a Diane too. I moved into a house with a fantastic back yard last year am actively looking for ideas to maintain the perennials and add seasonal flowers as well as start a vegetable garden.

    I broke my foot so this year is shot for annuals but I'm planning for next year.

  2. @Diane - Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Sorry to hear about your foot - that makes getting around more difficult. In terms of your vegetable garden, are you considering a plot or are you thinking about raised beds? Personally, I love my raised beds and will be making them deeper next time I build some (which will hopefully be for the next gardening season). Let me know what space you have to work with and perhaps we can go from there. :)

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