Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Update on Tomato Planter

I am proud of myself; I haven't killed my upside down tomato yet. I did forget to water it one of those very warm days, but with the inch of rain we got last night and this morning, it has made a full recovery.

The planter is still looking a little lopsided, but hopefully that will all be remedied early next week.

It does appear to have grown a bit over the last couple of weeks, which is more than I can say for the few that are still in the pots from my friend's greenhouse. I did get a few planted in other pots and one of the garden beds, so I will soon see which is the best method of growing them. The pictures below show the others.

The patio tomato in the urn is doing well; it did have a better start than the others as it was in a bigger pot when I got it. The one below is a Beefsteak if I remember correctly, and is in a pot with alpaca beans, hay/straw mix and some soil. It seems to have doubled in size as well from when it was planted approximately a week ago.

What have you put your tomatoes in this year? Anyone else trying to grow them upside down, or even right side up? 

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