Monday, 4 June 2012

Upside Down Tomato Planters

Wow! I write every day and yet it has been over two weeks since I posted anything on here. How am I ever going to get to the first page of Google at this rate?

I got most of my planting done before we had a nice shower with an inch and a half of rain. I do still have some potatoes to put in and a few other things, but for the most part I am finished. I went to visit my friend on the weekend and came home with about a dozen tomato plants; at least four varieties. I am anxious to try the "upside down planter" theory for my tomatoes, but instead of buying the planters advertised on TV I will be making my own out of recycled ice-cream buckets. I am almost out of garden beds, so having some tomatoes hanging around will be a good thing.

I wasn't sure where I was going to put them, but I have decided a good spot would be the trellis frame. I have my Virginia Creeper on one side, and the other side is empty. It will be the perfect spot for some hanging tomato pots. These planters would be ideal for the apartment dweller who has limited balcony space. :)

Along with the rain came the exploding growth of dandelions and grass that needs to be mowed again very soon. The alpacas have been getting daily treats of bucketfuls of dandelions as I pull them out of my lawn. I think for every one I pull out another 10 grow. It's like they wait until my back is turned and then spring upward and open.

I will take some photos of the tomato planters when I am making them, which will be tomorrow if all goes according to plan. I will also let you know how I did it, so stay tuned. A friend of a friend said they work well; has anyone else tried them?

Happy gardening!

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